Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Frank asked me on Saturday if there were times where I just had too much help.

LOVE that he put the contruction hat on for Dru and he wore it the whole time, made sure it didn't fall off even.  Love seeing him do stuff like this.  He's a good dad!  

Yes..Yes Frank all day every day there is too much help!  Bhahahahahaha!

In situations like this Frank has the patience of Job and I'm amazed every time he does something like this.  I do NOT have what he has and it's kinda cool to watch and see what it looks like!  He even lets them help him cook breakfast, crack eggs, turn the bacon, butter the toast.  I'm lucky if I make it through making sugar cookies at Christmas time with out screaming.  Love watching him with the boys.

I should probably seriously consider starting to teach Ian and Lee to cook things for themselves, they are old enough.  It's me and the lack of being patient...adn they are in my kitchen touching my stuff (I have sharing issues)...but that's a different story.

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