Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pizza Party

Not a great picture but I got one anyway!

Yesterday I plotted and schemed agaisnt my a good way!  In an effort to make this week go by faster and with less drudgery I plotted with Grandma to have a surprise pizza party!  I pulled it off!  Woohoo!  We got pizza and Grandma brought the dessert (well she brought the pizza too...just seemed easier that way and she was game!) and the kids loved it!  I was bummed that not all my nieces and nephews couldn't be there but that's what I get for doing it completely last minute.  Which just means for Spring Break I will be planning another party, that way everyone will be there!  By the way Grandma brought stuff to make ice cream sundeas and cookies to go with them and the kids were over the moon!

Thanks were the cherry on top!

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