Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family and Cabela's

Here are more pictures from Ian's party.  Part of the package deal for the party was the store provided a scavenger hunt, food for feeding the fish and some tokens for the shooting gallery they have upstairs.  I think the kids had so much fun and maybe a few of the adults, although some of them it was hard to tell.

Here is Ian with some cousins...but not...but whose counting right?  These boys have known each other since they were babies.  Somewhere I have a picture of the tallest boy holding Ian...too funny!
 Lee and my nephew...sometimes these two are stuck together!  They are only 6 months apart...
 This is my beautiful niece, who I can't figure out if she's calling to get answers to the Scavenger hunt or talking to her mom.  I love it because she's a willing  body to babysit my boys...and money helps too!  She's a motivated teenager! :)
 The littler boys, they were on the hunt with their dad/Uncle Frank.  Not that they can read but they had Uncle Frank all over the place.  If you looked at their paper afterwards though, they just had letters of the alphabet written down as answers.  It was hysterical!  But for two 5 years olds that's pretty good, I think they were just tickled they could walk all over the store with an adult following them and no one telling them to stop!
 Feeding the fish...11 kids and I'm sure those fish were full!
 At the kids' table, watching Ian open presents and getting about as excited as Ian was with each gift opening.  You wouldn't know it looking at this picture though!
 The MUCH anticipated BB gun that he will shoot his eye out with...He was over the moon!

I hope you guys aren't getting bored by my posts and catching up!  I can't believe how much I haven't posted yet! 


  1. You know that one day Ian will be as tall as Lane, right? Crazy!

  2. Before you and I realize it he'll be that tall! Not okay!!