Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Game Ball

Yesterday Lee had a baseball game.  His team are the Huskies...they even wear gold/yellow...mostly yellow.  Anyway, they played a good game and Lee did well and had some awesome hits!  He hit  ball all the way into outfield (why does that not sound right?).  It was such an awesome hit! 

Well after the games the team always meets in  huddle and talk about team stuff I guess.  I've never been a part of a sports team, so I'm assuming the Coaches are talking to them and praising them.  This game however, Lee was given the team ball for a game well played and for some awesome hits! 

He wouldn't let me take his picture last night but allowed me to take it this morning.  I am also proud of him for playing it through, well rather toughing it out last night at his game.  He had a pretty fantastic headache going and it was making it horribly painful.  He powered through all the way home and then let it go.  What a trooper!  Pretty sure it was his allergies giving him problems...everyone (including us) mowed our lawns, baseball fields were mowed and just downright issues with allergies! 

Way to go Lee! 

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