Thursday, April 26, 2012



Yup, reptiles!! Today Dru's preschool had the Reptile Guy come and talk to them and show them different things.  I have seen this show I think 4 times now and it really never gets old.  Now don't ask me the names of the animals...I don't know :)

I just remember with this guy that he has a lot of pokey things to make him look less tasty to another animal.
 Here is Eli...he had such a good time!

 This here is an Iguana...he's actually pretty old in Iguana years...geriatric was the description...poor thing!
 He is always such a good sport and the kids love him...they love watching him eat Dandelions...
 Today was a treat, for us and him.  He got a banana WITH the peel for breakfast today!  SCORE!  However I think it got stuck, he was working on it for a long time, it wouldn't go down!  I think it's hysterical he's sticking his tongue out!
 A black snake.  His underbelly was beautiful...shiny, like Obsidian rock.
 Then the best for last the Python...long, heavy, and huge!
 I crack myself up, this picture is too funny!
It was a good day!


  1. I'm not sure why I just read this post...self torture...once you mentioned the banana thing it was all over for me :)