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Lack of A Filter

You know, some people lack a filter system on their person.  I was hoping I'd have calmed down a bit from Saturday but I haven't...much anyway.

OK, so here is what happened...and if you know me at all you know I'm not quick witted and the quickest thing I can come up with is 'Oh Yeah'...really scary right?  OK, back to my story.

I am a person who struggles with her weight. I am working hard at teaching myself to treat me right when it comes to food and everything that entails.  Proportions sizes, moderation, you don't have to clean your plate (SO HARD!) eat WAY more veggies and fruit, and eat a variety and don't get bored with food.  You know all those thing...I wasn't taught those things really that I'm aware of.  So, as you can imagine growing overweight and being in school was hard.  Same story as other people who deal with this.  I now am responsible for 4 boys to teach/pass on what I know to them, and can I be honest.  This is really hard especially when my children talk like I starve them...and I don't. 

Anyway, Ian is just right for Ian...that doesn't mean this mom does not worry or stress that he might be overweight...he's got the spare tire thing going, but I'm also waiting for that growth spurt...and it's coming...slowly.  So we are at Ian's baseball game on Saturday and some other child's mom on the team was hollering at Ian.  When Ian is up to bat he needs to swing like he means it, I agree with that.  However, I don't agree (well I'm mad so I REALLY don't agree) with this woman, yelling to my kid. " Swing hard Ian!  Big kids swing hard! YOU are a big kid!!"  Seriously!?!  I just turned and looked at this woman too stunned to even say 'Oh yeah!" How not affective would that not be???   So I sat there, still didn't say anything and prayed Ian would just ignore it. 

The game continues on and Dru and Eli are with me on the benches and I have brought snacks with me.  It's 9am and no park close by to let them play at, there is only so much to entertain a 5 and 3 year old.  I had banana's, fruit leather, crackers and Gatorade and some kind of rice cake thing.  The same woman I believe, commented on this whole thing.  Gee you guys eat a lot, all you have been doing is eating.  You have eaten a banana, crackers, fruit leather, blah blah blah.  She also commented that my 2 boys eat more than her son (on team, so we can assume he's 9/10yrs old) and that my kids haven't stopped eating since we got here, blah blah blah. 

Again, so ON top of my feet I just turned around and looked at her and blinked several times.  All I can think is, well I could let them eat the whole bag of chocolate candy their grandma had the whole 2 hours I was there and let them bounce off the bleachers and let them do whatever?  People just have NO filter and are SO incredibly rude!

If I hear one more time, 'are they ALL yours' I'm going to practice saying no I kidnapped them...want one?  OR...and this one is good and a pet peeve...4 boys....were you trying for a girl?? REALLY!?! I might just say, were you trying for that look or did it just happen? 


Well, hopefully getting that off my chest helps a bit, but the problem is I have to see this person for could get ugly...


  1. I love, with the extreme pity you face, "oh you ReALLy have your hands full" and "why did you have so many if you can't control them"

    1. Here's my favorite: I just don't know how you do it with 4. I'd like to know how YOU do it with _(put # here___. Because I' like to know just what makes you think I'm doing it? Whose says I am?? Ugh...I hate that comment!

  2. Back off people..Aunties going to get you. Anita you look beautiful!

    1. Thank you Auntie! Take care and thinking of you guys! Prayers you way!

  3. Ugh! I can't believe the stupidity of people!! And when did 4 children become something so shocking? Its not like the Duggers and their 19 children! (Look at me you have me ranting too!) :) Hang in there

    1. ...and even if you have 19 kids, and that family...they are self sufficient and take care of themselves, and they don't bother anyone....they are debt many of us can claim that??

  4. Anita, you make me laugh. You are quick witted even if you don't realize it. lol. I can't believe that women said those things to you. You have more patience then me my friend. The next world war would have broken out if I was there. lol. Oh and if Jennie and Carrie were there. OH BOY!! That being said, this dumb women obviously needs to educate herself. Any good doctor would tell you that you should have 6 small meals (like every two hours) a day and everything you're giving the boys are good things.

    1. Thank you Aunt Kelly! I appreciate that...people are just amazing...and who knows...maybe Jennie and Carrie would have been a welcomed moment there...teach a few lessons while there ;)

      Love and miss you guys terribly!!


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