Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ian's Surprise Birthday Party

So back in March Frank and I planned a 10th surprise party for Ian.  I was so excited and so was Frank.  It was actually Frank's idea, he said he could remember his first surprise birthday party and he thought he was 10 when it happened.  Besides it's a pretty big deal to turn double digits, right?  I'm guessing, I don't really remember 10.  Anyway, we planned for his party to be at Cabela's, which is an out door type store.  We absolutely LOVE it there, there is something for everyone there!  We've made it sort of a tradition in our family that we go every New Year's Eve, we didn't make it there last New Year's Eve but we came in March. 

Ian had no idea what was coming.  The day of his birthday came and went, and as you know he wasn't all that impressed with it, it kinda sucked in his words.  Well we showed him!  We invited people who love and like him and we had a blast.

The funny thing is when his dad brought him to the room where we were all waiting he was in shock and I think still a bit clueless about why we were all there.  I am posting the video I took of it and you can see it in his face...kinda just looking around wondering what's going on.  He finally does get it, that we are all there for him and for a surprise party.  I love my child's innocence.

Happy 10th birthday Ian!  It's one you'll remember for a long time and I hope that you will with happiness and smiles!


The big gifts he got was Poke'mon cards, money, and a BB gun from us...sounds like a great birthday party to me!

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