Sunday, April 7, 2013


It's that time of year again for the Paulson household!  Baseball fever has begun...OK well it might not be fever but it could be close?  Either way, we are getting out of the house and doing stuff...maybe we may be cold right down to the bone, but doggone it 2 of my boys are getting tired out by practice and games!
Thank the Lord!
This year Lee and Dru are in baseball, while Eli and Ian are waiting for swimming (or dancing) lessons.  Even though we only put 2 kids in baseball it cost a small fortune, as will putting 2 kids in swim lessons.  So those two wait until the season is done and money can be used.
Some adoring fans of Lee...(Eli really looks like Dru here...WOW!)
 Lee was going to start pitching, but due to an accident at his first game (he got hit in the back right on the spine with an errant baseball...the kid was lobbing baseballs all over the place...that particular one made contact with Lee...we've since been to the chiropractor and had an adjustment with another one on Monday...he is feeling better!) Since his back hurt he chose to not pitch, I was very sad. This is something he wants to do badly, so I hope the adjustments helped. We will find out at the next game...if they don't get rained out.  Rain is our nemesis at this point.
 So instead of pitching he went to an outfield position.  He really needs to work on staying focused especially when he's in outfield where for the better part of a game there isn't much action.  So much room for growth for him!
 Stay focused Lee! You got this bud!

Lee does so well at baseball, he's one of those kids that sports is easy for school if he would just apply himself and slow down! I see the challenges in front of me for the rest of my life with this kid! The kid that doesn't crack a book in school but sails through...get that kid to open his book and apply himself!!   However, as a mother I LOVE watching him play a sport and the ease with which he plays. Coming from someone who is terribly uncoordinated it is beautiful to see.  I'm slightly jealous of him though.

But man do I like watching Lee and Dru play coordinated and in my eyes good...just remember the source I'm saying that from.  A mother and someone who has decided it's just safer to not play a sport...I always get hurt somehow.  Just safer!

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  1. I am giggling at the thought of you playing a sport. You aren't as bad as you think though. I'm glad Lee and Dru are having fun. Minus a poorly aimed ball. Or a perfectly aimed one, depending on what the thought was.