Monday, April 29, 2013

Dance Letter

~Author Ian Paulson

(This letter is what Ian wrote when they were told about their dance class they were having and the recital I wrote about earlier)

Dear Ms. Cam
                Before I danced and when I heard about it I was feeling very nervous that I had to dance with a girl. I thought "yikes" and "man this is not going to look good for me." I was also very nervous the first day. I also thought oh-no oh-no.

     Now my thoughts after the first week is I have so much fun. On the first day I got rally excited to come back. My feelings changed to I like dancing with a girl now. I also got rid of my nerves.

What I hope to get our of this dance experience is to be a better dancer. I like the fox trot a lot. Your a great dance teacher.

Sincerely, Ian