Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tip Toe

This weekend we went to the Tulip fields on a spur of the moment...ok there was some mild planning but not much.
However the weather was slightly permitting for us to do this.  We dodged some serious sheets of rain and managed to fall in the mud a few times.  Well I didn't but some kids did. We laughed up until we had to take them home...sorta wasn't that funny then.  Oh well!!
It wasn't too bad really and I'm glad we went, really glad. I needed to see my friend and see some color and beauty.  My soul needed it.
Dru wanted me to take his picture by these flowers. I think they were his favorites and they were orange!
 I'm missing one because he didn't want his picture taken...again.  Outside of that, aren't these some handsome boys?
 I asked for this picture behind the purple tulips...purple is my favorite color.
 I let Lee pick where the next picture would be, he picked the pink ones.  He's been into the color pink lately. I haven't figured out that particular bit but never fear I will!
We had a good time and I look forward to ordering some Tulip bulbs...I was seriously bummed I couldn't buy a bag of them apparently have to buy them because they were already blooming.  Details people!!
I was however able to buy some other kinds of bulbs..Glads and Lili's.  I let the boys pick 6 Gladiolus bulbs to plant...MAYBE they will leave mine ALONE!!!
....and if you see 2 dogs strung up by their toe nails it's because they won't stay out of my big flower pots and are laying on TOP of my Asiatic Lili's!!! Those two are working together...Mighty is taking the obstruction down and then Charlie gets to lay in the pot while Mighty chews on plastic or metal.  AHHHH these dogs!


  1. You know I'm so jealous it's hard to be nice! But your kids are cute :)