Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Charlie

It's good to be the dog! Instead of sleeping in his own kennel on his new bed from Christmas...this dog would rather lay/sleep on icky sheets and used towels. He makes my skin crawl sometimes! He LOVES blankets...I need to go through my blankets and see if I have one I can let him have. He was not nice to his last one, had to throw that thing O-U-T! The big boys were at school one day and they didn't shut their door before heading out the door. So, again, I went to go shut their door and this made me laugh! This dog definitely has preferences...he prefers blankets of dog beds, he prefers Lee's bed to any place in the house. He will, if things get bad enough, sleep in Dru or Eli's bed...but those two do NOT like him in their bed. It's quite funny to hear a 2 year old yell ARLIE! ARLIE OFF! And then if the dog doesn't listen, Eli comes and tattles on him with BIG tears in his eyes! It's hysterical! At this rate I may just give up and let Charlie sleep at night on Lee's bed...he's NOT sleeping in my room anymore! That dog drives me insane!

It's good to be Charlie! After this picture he did slink off the bed and get out of the bedroom. He's not suppose to be in their room...