Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For His Daddy

Aren't they handsome???

This was Dru and Frank last Sunday.  Every once in awhile Dru's preschool will have the children come and sing in front of the church for the congregation.  Dru was so excited to do this and his dad was going to be able to make it to hear him!  Over the moon this kid was!  He had his whole outfit planned out just special for his dad. 

The back story is that we have all, off and on, been sick with what I can only describe as the crud.  *shiver*  Anyway, Dru was running a slight fever that morning with it steadily going up.  The dilemma was who was going to tell Dru he couldn't go because he was sick??  Not me!!  Not Frank!! 

So we went to church and let him sing and we scooted ourselves out of there quickly.  Which I'm glad we did, because not long after that Dru's fever shot up and was that way for 2 days.  Today it finally came down and by tomorrow I'm hoping it will be gone.  He sounds horrible but so help me he's gonna go to school! 

We are still on the mend, a few of them are on meds and the rest of have just gotten over the crud.  Hopefully it just stays that way!!  I will say we are lucky in 2 areas: At least Frank and I were able to tag team this time...I got sick and now I'm on the mend and Frank is now not feeling wonderful.  Second is that at least we all got sick in relatively the same time and not spread over a month or so.  Because believe me we could have made that happen too!

Cooties be GONE!

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