Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know that's an odd title for today but it's fitting when I tell you the story. 

Today was kind of a big day in our house.  Eli is my picky eater and he has Frank and I running ragged 99% of the time from food issues alone.  I don't know what the kid's issue is with food but he's got one...OR...and this could be a pretty big or...he's got Frank and I pretty buffaloed (is that even spelled right?).

I'd like to point out for argument's sake that he was a colicky baby and colic has a lot to do with tummy issues, and it lasted for what seemed like months and months and months!

For awhile now Frank and I would just make Eli a sandwich for dinner and he didn't eat what we were eating.  Frank and I decided a few months ago that we would quit making two separate meals, mostly because we would never have allowed this to happen with the other 3 boys.  He was going to start eating what the rest of us golly George we are going to do this and make it through!  It's a rough road...the crying, the fit throwing, the crying (OK that one might be me) gets so loud between him and I crying and throwing fits!

Today, today was a good day! I made meatloaf for dinner and I fought with Eli about eating dinner and Frank did to about eating his meal to get a banana.  It looked like for awhile he was going to go with out (which is fine, it won't be the end of the world for him).  His plate had 5 bites on it with some ketchup and he was not having any part of it!  I then asked if he wanted mustard and he did and I kid you not that kid ate 5 bites of his meatloaf!  HOLY COW!!

Here's the other big thing...that child is 3 years old and that was the first time EVER that he ate beef!!!  It was a site to behold in this house tonight! The angels might have been singing for all I know!

Miracles DO happen!

The true test though folks will be if he eats leftovers tomorrow...he says he will and tonight the last few bites to clean his plate he ate of his own free will.  All he had to do was eat 2 bites to get the banana, those other 3 he ate on his own!  We may have turned a corner here people...or we might take 3 steps back who knows!?!

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