Friday, March 2, 2012

Special Day

So today was a pretty big day here at our house! Today was Dru's special day at preschool and boy howdy it was epic! I know you are thinking his birthday is in September, but when preschool starts after your birthday we go with our special day in the winter. Works out just fine. Just like at regular school they get to bring treats for their day. Dru wanted to bring Easter Eggs filled with candy (it is almost Easter you a month away!) So we got the eggs out of storage (I know you all have about 100 or so eggs stashed away for Easter egg hunts! I'm not the only one!) and filled them with Starburst Jelly beans. I'm not a fan of jelly beans, I could think of SO many other yummy things to eat! But it's what Dru wanted so there you go.
There is another reason today was so big, well really this year has been a pretty big deal in general. I've had 3 kids through this preschool (Dru's in his second year) and I've not been able to swing going to special days or parties at preschool or school for that matter! Today or rather this year has been different! Today the teachers (wonderful ladies and I'm blessed to know them) said they'd give me a hand with my 'extra' kids I have during the week if I needed and I said OK. Turns out though I'm blessed to watch some wonderfully behaved 'extra' kids and they were very compliant. So Dru was my first ever experience with a Special day and he was the one that also invited me to come to Parents Day this year!! It took 3 kids to get through but one of them finally asked me to come. I was the shiny new toy for once!!! It's a big year for me I tell you!
So at preschool they have a special hat they get to wear and here is Dru wearing it and the wonderful smile of his greeted us!
Here he is handing out his treat to his classmates, they were all so excited to see what was in those eggs!  Bet they were thinking they were gonna be stuff with yumminess...well they had yummy things,just not stuffed to the gills...they had 5 jellybeans in them, because he's 5 this year. 

Here Dru is eating his treat...notice the orange shirt and orange egg (no there wasn't all orange beans in there! ) his favorite color is still Orange.

Every child who has a special day gets a special book all about them.  It has what their favorite color is, or their favorite thing to do or eat is.  The teacher shares the book with the class and the child helps.  Very fun!

They also tell the parents they can send in up to 6 pictures of said child to share with the class and then they make a small poster of all the pictures on it so everyone can look through out the month at it.  Here Dru is showing his pictures to each and every classmate.  They were so funny, some seemed bored by it all until he showed them a picture of his with Buzz Lightyear or a picture of him as a baby.  They all seemed to like the picture of his as a baby. I had forgotten until his teacher mentioned it, that the baby picture was how she remembered first meeting Dru...has it really been that long?  Sheesh!  Ian started at this preschool the week that Dru was born and that was her first year as Director of the school!  My kids have all had her and she's so good with them! I know I say it a lot but time has really flown!

I'm so glad I was finally able to do something like this before it was just Eli and only being able to do things with him.  I feel so bad when I miss out on things like this and parties for the bigger boys, but I just couldn't fathom, at the time anyway, carting 2-3 kids to a classroom function and actually getting something accomplished and for us to not be distracting!  I always feel like we are distracting or taking away from the moment for the bigger boys!  I probably need to just let that in progress here!

Have a good Friday evening!

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