Friday, March 29, 2013

Braces 101

I LOVE mine but I must say that they leave a whole LOT of info out of having braces and what is entailed.  Anyway...I'm not complaining you have to just know that.  However it has made me feel like a super weenie.  Turns out I'm a super weenie!


A few things that I have learned. 

1.) It hurts like the dickens getting your tongue stuck in the braces!!! Had to have Frank help me get my tongue un-stuck.  That one...yeah you know already, but it really did hurt. 

2.) To floss my teeth with braces I have to be a contortionist.  I have laughed SO many times at myself. Watching myself floss my teeth...yeah I could be a runner up in America's Funniest Home Videos...really I could!

3.) When you get bigger hurts.  3+ years to go!  GO BABY! Also, your teeth move...which aren't such a big deal unless your me.  Holy cow! The tooth sensitivity will drop you to your knees!!! WOW! So I get to take a week  off from wearing my bands (4 of them) and I'm to invest in the toothpaste called Sensodine.  Yup! I was also told that since I'm older my teeth are more sensitive. I'M OLD! BHAHAHAHA!

Well so far that's my two bits of having braces for 4 months!  A whole lot of nothing!



  1. LOL you left out one you made me laugh :) God bless you!

  2. You are going to love your smile when it's done!