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Our House

What can I say about our was a very, very fine house... when we moved in. 

Our house was wonderful when we moved was move in ready for a small family like we were.  They had painted already, put in A/C (Lord have mercy is that heaven!), everything was so nice and clean and open and airy.

.....then we moved in and things have gone to pot since.  In a good way we welcomed Dru into our family.  He was born in our bedroom right on my bed.  What a special moment!  Unfortunately as soon as we had Dru we outgrew our house by leaps and bounds, just in one day!  WOW! Seriously though, babies have a lot of junk and crap (literally) that come with them.  This house is also the first place we have lived the longest in...1 place.  I'm pretty sure we moved just about every year of our marriage it seemed up until 2006.  It's nice to just be in one place you know.  Of course we brought Eli home here too...another great thing since we've lived here. 

If you lost count of how many children that is, it's 4.  Four boys and that much destruction!  I think they are destroying this house faster than Frank and I can even humanly keep up with it!!  It's really depressing!  We always talk about finding our forever house, but like today and the last few months, I have caught myself wondering if I just need to face reality.  The reality being this IS my forever house and let your dreams go!  I don't want a HUGE house (Lord knows someone has to clean it), but I want it big enough that we can be comfortable.  and even then it's not that we aren't comfortable it's a want really not a need.  I want the boys to have their own rooms, there is something to be said about it being quieter and them just going to bed!  Instead of it being a giggle fest...and yes people boys giggle just like girls at a sleepover.  Trust me!

Now some people might consider my next statement as a want and not a need...I would challenge that.  I NEED...and I just can't stress enough just how much I NEED another bathroom.  Right now there are 6 of us sharing 1...count them 1 bathroom!!!!! I NEED at least 2 least!  Honestly I would take 3...One for me, one for Frank and one for the boys.  And in my dream the one for the boys would be a urinal.  One wall just urinals and it would have a drain in the middle of the room and a hose that would be in there or be able to reach so I can just spray the nastiness down the drain!  Because boys be nasty people! 

In my bathroom I will have a plaque for all to see and it will say "If you stand to pee you may not enter"-I stole that from my friend...she'll understand I'm sure. Of course this all dreaming but in reality I want at least 2 bathrooms, 1 is NOT enough for all 6 of us.  Just saying.

In the midst of all this daydreaming we are trying to keep up with repairs to the house and surrounding areas. We don't have an old house by my standards.  I mean there are houses in town that are from the 1900's...we have a house from '87. The kids are like termites...moving faster than us old farts can move.  We have a fence that needs to be replaced, a yard that needs some serious help (would help if the dogs and kids would quit what they are doing), house that needs to be painted, new appliances (some of that is want and some is need-how wouldn't want a convection oven right? Am I right?), new carpet, new flooring...some of this is to make the house sell-able...IF we ever get there!

Is anyone else overwhelmed by or this or thinking the thought I had this afternoon?  Do I give up the dream of finding a forever house and make this my forever house?  Cause I'm honestly thinking we should just burn it to the ground and just start over again.  (I'm KIDDING!...cause you know someone out there is thinking 'is she for real?') I am not saying I will burn my house down...but I'm saying starting over sounds like it has it's perks.

Anyway, I had to rant because I'm feeling so overwhelmed by this situation but at the same time excited by some remodeling that needs to happen and that we are working hard to make happen.  It's just a matter of where to start.  Do you start from the outside and work your way in OR do you start from the inside and work your way out?  Hell if I know!  And then what do you do with those boys!?! Stick them in a bubble and let'em run w/o wrecking my house?  I'm taking suggestions.


  1. Start with what makes you happiest. Inside or out doesn't matter, just start somewhere and finish one thing at a time. I have faith in you! You can do this. AMEN to the second bathroom. I know this is a first world problem but man oh man it's a problem!

  2. We raised all our kids in a totally decrepit 1 bathroom. that was 5 of us. When the last one graduated I turned his bedroom into a huge closet and a new bathroom and then about 10 years ago my beloved Saint agreed that we really needed a newer smaller house. I love my beautiful home. I can go back to my old one when I want but the memories are in my heart not in the building, I feel nothing walking in there. Just thankful that I got my pretty house to live in for as long as I can. Nikki's right, start with little small projects and work on thru. Even with a Day care in my home it was always clean, just looked like a tornado hit it :) Work on happiness on the inside, the building has nothing to do with it. I know you can do it, you belong to Nikki!


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