Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rat City

 Last Saturday I took Frank out on a date! I was SO excited for this!  We had toyed with doing the same old stand by of a dinner and a movie. I had a movie and a place to eat all picked out, then I saw a review for the movie we were gonna see and we decided to change things up.  Then I brainstormed an idea. An idea for the ages...lol kidding!  Anywho...I thought of going to see the Rat City Roller Girls.  They are Seattle's roller derby teams.  It was something new and different and it was in the 'big' city.  I was SO excited...it really was like having a first date and everything! 

I mean I had all intentions of shaving my legs and arm pits, doing my hair...getting as dolled up as you get at one of these events...yeah...that never happened.  This hairy beast went on a date...it was a sad state of affairs around here.

It all started the night before our date.  Eli got up in the middle of the night of course while I was on my way to bed. Now mind you this isn't huge news that he's up...however what was is that he was up shaking like a leaf. You know the kind of shaking you get when you have the flu...the uncontrollable shaking.  It was really all I could do to not just curl up and cry right there!  He was upset about how much he was coughing so I gave him some medicine and to bed he went.  He spent most of the day wavering over some imaginary threshold...I was waiting for him to go one way or the other.  He never did go one way or the other.  Dang kid!

Anyway, part of planning the date is finding child care so thankfully the grandparents said they would watch the kids AND have them overnight! That was an added bonus I wasn't planning on.  So Saturday came and we had them packed and we went to go and pack ourselves into the car.  The noise level went up like 10 octaves at the moment we said it was time to go. As we were getting in I put cough syrup and Tylenol in the car...welllll thanks to some little 'helping' hands someone had messed with the cough syrup bottle and it leaked all over my phone, the car and my gloves.  Lord knows 4 years from now I'm going to still be cleaning that stuff out of my console.  Super excited about that! That incident made us very late and we managed to get on the road late and as we were 3/4 of the way there I looked at Frank and asked if he had grabbed the tickets.  Yeah...if you are keeping score it's Kids 2, Parents 0.  So we had to drop the kids off and then drive all the way back to the house to get the tickets...we got to the derby much later than we planned.  Thank goodness we weren't on a time crunch or anything!

We finally get there and we sat down after getting dinner and watched the match.  We came in the middle of a match but none the less still very interesting.  It was fun seeing a new sport to us and then trying to figure out what they were doing and how they were scoring.  Now if you have seen the movie Whip It, with Drew Barrymore (I have no idea if I spelled her name right or not but you know who I mean, so go with it!) the whole thing looks really cool and the sport was super physical and fast paced! In the movie that is.  Now in real life it isn't nearly as physical and fast paced.  Now I know it's roller skating so it has a pace but it's all very interesting!  So we watched the last part of the first game and then because they play double header games we watched the first part of the second half.  I think by the time we left we had some of the game figured out.  How they were scoring and the point of the game.  It really was fun and I'd go again.  The seat prices were very reasonable in my opinion. I probably wouldn't bring my boys but that's mostly because I think they would lose interest quickly. 

So in this picture I took of them getting ready to start...they have blockers (have stripes on their helmets), Jammers((they have stars on their helmets) and the Jammers are the ones that are trying to lap everyone to get points.  Of course as you would guess the Blockers block the Jammers so that they can't lap and score points.  There was definitely a wide array of people that attend these events and the people watching was as much fun as the derby!
 Since we were there...AND I thought I needed a green shirt for Patty's day...I was NOT going to be pinched!  That and I was also promised at my MOPS meeting that someone would either bring green velvet cupcakes OR Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.  Irish Car Bombs were what was brought and can I just go off on a tangent here and tell you just how delish they were?? Let me wipe the drool off my face before we start.  OK, tangent: Irish Car Bomb cupcakes as I remember.  The cake part has 1 cup of Guinness, in the middle of the cupcake was Ganache' . In this ganache was Jameson Whiskey...yeah it's as good as it sounds...just trust me!  Then of course on the top, the frosting right?  Yeah...the frosting had Bailey's Irish cream...it was so worth the 1 whole one I ate AND the half of one I shared with Eli...there was no self control!  OK there was my tangent. 

I also really liked my shirt and to top it off the price was right!
So that was our date and I'm so glad we stuck with it and didn't settle for a movie and dinner and didn't settle for just bagging the night and staying home and doing what it always seems to be what we do...fight the urge to just go home and nap. Although, I do think we should do that just once.  Just have the kids do an overnight and we come home and just go sleep for hours upon hours.  Kinda like going to a restaurant and just eat dessert.  It would be SO worth it
Nothing special here other than I can still pretty much rock a side-pony tail pretty well, at the young age of 35!  This was after a work out and I saw what I looked like and I had a good laugh.  All I needed to finish the work out outfit was leg warmers and some kind of spandex right?

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is having a good week thus far!


  1. they use to have the roller derby on tv on Sat and the kids and I watched it. It was fun!

    1. It is fun, I'd go again for something fun and different to do :)