Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As of March 20th it all be came first born turned nine!  Where the time went I don't know, I'm as lost as you are on that one.  I sniffed a little and have had a few moments the last week or two where I got verklempt.                                             

Here is Ian with his birthday cake...with out fail he always orders/wants an ice cream cake.  I can't remember the last time he asked for a regular cake.
                                                                Ian's Army cake.
 Present time!  He liked the card he was opening because it was a music card and it was a Looney Tunes card...funny what was big when I was kid is now big for Ian.  Weird!
 If you look really closely he's stuffing money he got in his birthday card in his pocket.  He did this several times, I'm not sure his eyes could bug out anymore.  Especially when all was said and done with the gifts and he had a chance to count it.
 This pretty much sums it up with Ian and his birthday glory!  This money is burning a hole in his pocket!! Tonight he asked me if tomorrow after school I could take him shopping.  I had to tell him was a school night!
 He got a pair of MUCH needed pj's...I'm almost positive he's had a growth spurt in the last month.  I've had to buy him more pj's and more jeans and his shirts are looking a little short...I'm running out of hand-me-downs for this kid!
 We got Ian Mega Mind the movie...he loved it.  I, however, thought the movie was a dud.  The movie Despicable Me was FAR superior to that movie!  As long as he liked it right??
 Ian was making me chuckle...constantly had his hands in his pocket fiddling with his new found wealth.  I can also see the wheels churning in his head about all the possibilities that are now open to him.
I think overall Ian had a good birthday.  It's still a little surreal that he's 9...I'm still speechless when I say it or write it.  My mom says I have to let it go and let him turn 9...I still say it's not right and it doesn't feel right...but she might have something too.  Time will tell I guess!

Happy Birthday Ian!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ian! I can't believe he's 9 either!