Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have no picture today...but today I am thankful for the sunshine the good Lord sent us today!  For me it was much needed...just to see something bright and not dark and gloomy.  Now as people who live in the Pacific Northwest, we need to remember that April and May are around the corner and rain is yet to come...a lot of it.  Well that's what my memory serves anyway...seems to me that those are our rainy months.  Just in time for baseball and t-ball...I do really need to invest in one of those BIG umbrellas and a new camping chair.

I just felt really good all day and the weather was wonderful.  The littles were able to go outside and play and so did Charlie.  That dog has been doing nothing for the last 2 days but sitting outside soaking up as much sun as he can.  That dog is a funny one. 

Thank you Lord for this grand day you gave us!

And a happy 29th birthday to my brother in law Jason...all he wanted today was a nap...I hope you got the nap Jason!

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