Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Snowing Boys...

Monday the big boys, Ian, Lee and Austin all got out of school early...due to deteriorating weather conditions.  I am not sure who their weatherman is but they should consider sending him back to school.  Oh I know those weather people get picked on a lot and maybe I need to pick on the school district more but man, by the time I picked them up from the bus stop the snow was gone and it wasn't even snowing.

Yes I know our school district is the biggest or one of the biggest in the state, 100+ miles so the outlying areas were getting pounded.  Here's my thing...why couldn't the kids in town stay in school?  I know it all goes back to that small, rectangle green thing we all rely on to make the world go round, but man! I want to be a fly on the wall to see how they get to these decisions!

Alright I'll get off my soap box (oh and secretly I'm a HUGE advocate of all year round school!!!!).  Since they got out early I needed entertainment for my boys, I all but kicked them all out of my Tahoe that morning telling them I loved them.   All the while doing a cheer in my head about getting my routine back and getting those kids out of my hair (talking about my kids not my lovable nephews!).  It's Tuesday...I still don't have my routine and time back...maybe tomorrow?? I can hope!

So I asked for my nephews to come over and play and thankfully their momma and dad said it was OK.  Yeah me!  So my big boys have bunk beds and they all wanted to make a fort, so I helped them. 

Ian, Lee, Austin, Dru, and Colton

The token goober faced picture, which we sent to Grandma Paulson, who in turn waited for Grandpa Paulson to come home.  She then sent her own funny face back to the boys.  They laughed so hard!

Eli wouldn't get in on the first few pictures and then decided he did...so pictures with Eli. Ian of course couldn't get with it and so there you have it.  Good picture of  Lee though!

Ian, Lee, Austin, Dru, Colton, and Eli

Still good picture of Lee, got Ian to get with the program.  Then what cracked me up was Colton...what is that kid doing?  I should have kissed those lips! They were puckered and waiting!
All in all the boys got an extended stay on Mid-Winter break for one more day and they lived it up for a few more hours.  Then it was back to the grind when Uncle Frank took my nephews home and we started homework and the battle over dinner! 


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