Thursday, March 17, 2011


I miss my grandfather and I really should visit my grandmother more often.  The excuses are never right but seem fitting at the time, which make me feel all the more guilty!  Both my grandmother's on are my next on my list (which I know sounds bad too).  

I started this post yesterday, my cable company seems to be having issues and I honestly think it's only us on the block whose having issues!  Thankfully there have been no incidents to report today...which is good for them.  If I had to tell a little one more time or explain one more time about the TV and how it wasn't my fault...they would have had a...well a not so nice person on the phone to deal with!

Tomorrow I take off for a one night retreat with some friends.  I'm excited to go and it will be really, really nice to not have to yell at some littles all night or to just be heard...I am SO tired of not being heard by little people...SO tired of yelling at them...and I am SO tired of having to yell to BE heard!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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