Wednesday, March 30, 2011

T-Ball Practice

Tuesday was a big day folks! It was Dru's first day ever of t-ball practice!!!! He has been waiting with abated breath to finally get to go to baseball/t-ball practice and games!  It was a red letter day!
 Stretching...always important!
Their team color is blue, name is still undecided (please no more Rainbow Shooting Star's ;) ) I did have to break it to him slowly that his team color was not going to be ORANGE ...I think he'll be OK.

Practicing hitting off the T...not bad for the first time and yes I know I'm biased.  He's also a lefty so we have a learning curve! 
Eli asked several times when it was his turn to bat and catch.  He was told not his turn and he sighed and went time little one, in time!   He is cute though and trouble ALL the way!
We finally got a call for the big boys from their coach...everyone is way excited now!  I'm kinda excited because both boys are on the same team. I think this has the potential to be really good for my boys, to cheer each other on as teammates...something new for them and I think an opportunity for them to grow.


  1. So stinkin cute! The big boys will either work or it won't. It will make scheduling WAY easier! Batter UP boys!

  2. It will be easier that's for sure when it's just one team for both boys...and after this year it will be awhile before they'll be on the same team again, age wise.