Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spa Day

So on Monday it was Spa Day at MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) and this day is always fun for our moms and those of us who are on steering (leadership).  A day where we find other women who are hairdressers, ladies who wax brows/lips, masseuses, nail ladies...you get the idea.  Anyway, these women come and pamper us for a day, OK well not a day but a few hours.  I am exhausted here but I got my hair trimmed and she curled it.  This picture is for posterity's sakes...my hair will not look like this again...EVER!
 On top of all those wonderful pampering things, they spoil us with yummy food...pink champagne cupcakes, truffles, dipped strawberries, fruit, made to order Frappeccinos.  To make those wonderful yummy drinks we need ice, so we went to Taco Time and got their pellet ice. I LOVE this ice!  I am an ice chomper and this is my little bit of heaven. Turns out however I'm not the only one who loves this kind of ice...there were several of us who are cheap thrills over this!  Who knew!?! 
Want to know the more exciting part of all that ice??? I got to bring a bunch of it home!!! Squeeee!!!!
I treated myself to a small glass of soda with a cup filled with the ice...SPOILED!  I also brought home a ton of People magazines we had out for the ladies to browse through while waiting for their next appointment.  I now can catch up on all the celeb gossip! I need to just get my own subscription, but this works for now.


  1. We are such cheap thrills aren't we! :) I'm so glad you got a little pampering.