Friday, March 11, 2011

Dru Sings

Dru goes to a preschool through our church.  Acutally the bigger boys have gone there too.  I love the school and I love the teachers and the preschool director.  They are so good with my boys and they really do like my boys which is important to me.  What I love also is they once a month have Chapel with our pastor.  I love that for them!  One of the other things they do that I love is they come to church and sing songs for us.  I do have to say of all three boys that have done this Dru  has been far more entertaining to watch.  He actually sings and is more animated.  Ian and Lee just stood there with the deer in the headlight look staring at everyone, scared. 

And, yes of course, he had to wear orange.  Orange shirt, socks and the insides of his shoes had orange.  For all I know he could have had orange on his underwear...
Here is a video, a little over 2 minutes, of Dru and some of his classmates singing.  He cracked me up moving to the beat of the song.

Just another shot of my boy!  I'm just doing the bragging bit...he's a handsome feller! It's all from me!

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