Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boat Ride

Boat rides are a big deal while camping, shoot just getting the boat there and running is a feat in of itself!  This year it was running (well most every year it is running) and my boys along with their cousins could hardly stand it they were so excited to get on that boat!

Last year Eli went for a ride and hated it..cried the whole time and then passed out or blocked it out.  Either way I was skeptical he'd go this year, well I was wrong.  I know the life jacket is always a hurdle when they are young like this but he has really fought the life jacket.  Well this year we tried it with out doing the clip that goes through the legs...wonder of wonders he was a happy camper!  Who knew!?! So off he went with his daddy for the first boat ride of the year.  Yippeee!!!!

There is the boat with the other travelers (don't worry Frank got in and made the children vs. adult ratio more even...so to speak). 
My boys had so much fun and then wanted to go on their Aunt and Uncle's Jet ski...I so do not like those things!  They look so unsafe and no walls to keep you in from falling into the Columbia river!! FREEZING water right there!! I know most of this comes from me and my unfamiliarity with things like this...boats, wave runners, jet skis...those kinds of things...but man they don't look safe!  Thankfully for my boys they have a dad who doesn't freak out like I do and let them on the jet ski...left to me it would have been a definite no with no budging room...I'd aptly be named my many as Captain Kill-Joy of the camping trip.  Wait!!! I've been called that before!  Oh well!  Ian and Lee went with their Aunt and Uncle and lived to tell about it...what do I know??? 
I did go out on the boat the last day, I didn't want to but in the end I'm glad I went. The weather was good but not fabulous and I didn't want to be cold.  I was actually quite comfortable for the most part.  The boat ride was decent and we took Charlie...he dug in his paws and come Hell or high water if he was gonna get on that boat it was gonna get ugly.  Well not really ugly so much as I had to go and pick him up and sternly tell him that under no uncertain terms was he to piddle on me!!  He didn't, thank goodness for him or he might have had a very cold bath.  Once on the boat and we got going he actually started enjoying himself I think...his tail was wagging so I assumed he did have a good time.  Maybe he'll get on the boat next time with out me having to pick him up.  Who knows.

Well I'm tired and I need some sleep...I'm living with  a few Typhoid Mary's over here with Strep and last night was a bit tough.  Ian and Eli both have strep and Dru was given medicine just cause...KILL THE COOTIE (to the tune of kill the wabbit...with Elmer Fudd).  Lee, however, is my ticking time bomb...it's too close to school being out and summer coming to be this kinda sick...right???

Well off I go folks...

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