Friday, May 20, 2011

Play things

My dreams are finally coming to fruition!!! We are getting/building (and by we I mean the royal we) a swing set right now for the boys!  This just might make the year for me, really!  If I hear "I'm bored" at all this help that child!  This set is going to be HUGE!

Here is the starting of it...the beams and such.

Frank and his brothers solving the world's woes.

It's starting to come together with help from the 'supervisor', Grandpa Lee.

When the frame/structure went up the boys really started to get excited and can't wait for the finished product. For that matter I can't wait either! 
We (again royal we) still have more work to do.  Envision if you will, adding some swings, a rock wall, 2 slides and a ladder.  Then of course somehow anchoring the whole thing down.  Frank is hoping to get it done this weekend but the weather has changed on us so who knows.  Soon I hope though!  Of course there will be more pictures later of further progress.  Excitement at our house!  Thank you to my parents for going in halvesies (like the new workd I coined?) with us and Frank's parents for the physical help and spotting us the chunk of change for our part.  It was a deal TOO good to pass up, truly!  Thank you doesn't seem to be enough but it's what I have.

Well, I think I'm going to go do some weeding.

Enjoy this beautiful and bright weather we have today Washingtonians!


  1. Go Frank! Go Frank! Go Frank! Doing a little happy dance for your boys. They are going to love it.

  2. Daniel and Uncle Brownie need your help! Nikki and I of course will be gone :) so sad too bad~

  3. We are SO close!! I'll have to put up pictures again soon!!