Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Picnic

Today was Dru's school picnic at the park and boy were we excited!  A day to play with friends and cousins...when you are 4 and 2 what more could you ask for right? 
Eli had as much fun as Dru did, other kids to play with and slides that needed someone to go down them and gorgeous weather to boot!
(yes I know Eli needs his bangs cut, we are working on getting Auntie to come to the house and blend them)

Two boys who were so excited to be at the same place and same time, they had some fun playing with each other and then it was good to see them go their separate ways to play with friends.  Although it was easier to keep track of where they were when they were together though. ;)

We were playing Peek-a-boo...I miss cuddling this boy when he was a baby!

Colton was so happy to push Dru, what a team!

Eli's turn on the swing!  Thank goodness they called for lunch cause I'd have been there until the sun went down pushing that kid!  He loves to swing and loves the slides!
We had so much fun today and I even got to visit with some friends and watch the kids get some energy out.  We were kept busy with Ian and Lee's baseball game tonight and I'm very thankful that we had good weather for that, no winter coat tonight!!

On another note, when it's my turn to bring a snack for the team...I'm bringing a snack FOR the team...not the team and their siblings!  In all my years of participating in sports (which are few mind you) I have NEVER been accosted by so many kids from the team asking for a snack for their brother or sister.  And I had to turn them away, now before the game was over there were 2 kids that asked if there were leftovers could they have them and I said maybe.  MAYBE! Not yes, but Maybe...I said I had to make sure there was enough for the team first.  Well I had one kid come up and tell me that I had told his sister she could have one and he was ticked at me cause she was crying and I said I didn't tell her she could I said maybe.  The problem was it ended up not being those 2 but ALL the kids coming up to me and HOUNDING me for snacks along with their siblings!  I'm not feeding Ethiopia people!  Honestly I left there feeling like I was the bad guy because I had to tell all the siblings, no they couldn't have one...I can't give to the 2 and not the rest!  As you can see I'm still fuming and upset with this.  I NEVER go to a game expecting someone to feed my other kids a snack also and most of the time I don't let them take the leftovers either, they didn't earn it so to speak. Tonight was bizarre...thankfully one team parent (not his family) told the kid berating me, to stop and say thank you for the snack and then reminded him it was a snack for the team and another mom thanked me for bringing snacks.  Man oh Man!  Ggggrrrr!!!!

What are people thinking? Better  yet why do these kids think it's a free for all in this world? (Mine included at times!)

Well got that off my chest...I still don't feel good about it but it's out there now.  And now I'm off to bed, cause I'm up WAY later than I'd like to be. 

Sleep tight people!


  1. That is wierd. My kids would have asked you but I hope I would have caught them and said no. That is a sticky situation isn't it.

  2. And I know it is a sticky situation walking into it, it is with my own kids when we bring snacks. But to be accosted and then berrated...THAT was new!