Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I don't know what makes this kid so darn cute but he's so pinchably (I should coin that word and become rich! Spell check didn't like that word.) cute!  He's wearing his new shirt from Elmo and he's ready to go to his Preschool Graduation Ceremony (that's what Dru calls it). When I took this picture I asked him to say graduation, I think I took the picture at the right time.  What a smile!
 Dru's Auntie Nikki would be so proud of him.  His class signed the alphabet and Dru can do it by himself, he teaches me often.  I'd like to think the sign language I taught him as a baby helped...didn't teach him letters though, so probably not.  They sang several songs and sang his favorite song "I'm in the Lord's Army".  I do have to say (probably again) that Dru has been far more entertaining in these events than Ian and Lee ever were.  He sings, moves/dances and you can hear him and he smiles.  The other 2 just stood there like dear caught in headlights (can't blame them though).
 My graduating preschooler!  Handsome fella!
He did SO good during the whole thing, I was so proud of him.  The last part of the program they have each kid come up to the microphone and they ask them what they want to be when they grow up.  Well as you can imagine that's a lot of kids and they get fidgety and since Dru is in the front row he was second up.  He sat so still and quiet for all the others, I was impressed! Now, why can't he do that when I need him to?  They asked Dru what he wanted to be...He said a Rock star!  When asked why he said cause he likes to play the guitar!  Not quite sure when he's played the guitar recently or ever but dream away my son!!  The best one said tonight however was a friend of Dru's her answer was to be an animal doctor so she could clean crocodile teeth and make sure they don't get cavities!  Cracked me up! BEST one yet!

Well, it's been a full day and I'm tired, so off I go to bed!  Enjoy the wonderful weather, I know I am and so are my boys!

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