Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, as with any month, October is a busy month.  Many things happen in this thing that takes place is awareness.  This month I have several to show.

This is Domestic Violence-It's taken a personal context for me (not me...)

This is for Infant Loss.  I don't like dealing with this.  Johnathan you were a cutie and your momma misses you and we won't forget you!  To all the other Loss Mommas out there...I'm sorry, we won't forget!

Apparently it's like a needle in a haystack looking for Pink ribbon this is my take on it for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It runs in my grandmother and an Aunt who are survivors and of course I know friends/acquaintances who are survivors.  Cancer is such and UGLY thing in any form!

This is also Down Syndrome awareness....I don't personally know someone with a child with Downs but I have a friend who does.  And really just because I don't know anyone doesn't make it any less important.

LOOK!! I found a picture of pink ribbons!!! Sorry it's won't let me make it bigger...and I found it under a google search of Army Awareness ribbons???? Really?? Again no one asked me!
So there's my little 2 bits worth for today...

Just be aware people!

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