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Where's Mr. Smee?

Well I'm jumping on the bandwagon and posting our adventures of the trick or treating season.  Let's face it, I saw candy in the store for Halloween in August and heard rumors that Costco had Christmas stuff in their stores in August.  I just won't even GO there on my soap box on that issue! 
Finally to the happiness of 4 children it is finally time to dress up!  Thank goodness! I was tired of being asked when Halloween was.

This first picture is of the boys going to our church's Harvest Party...we didn't want them to wear their costumes and wreck them so we found some past costumes and improvised and it worked out well.  Lee is Batman, Dru is a Seahawk fan, Eli is a dinosaur and Ian is mustard.  Pretty good I think. 

So here we are on the actually Halloween night...
We have Mario, Capt. Hook, Capt. Jack Sparrow , and Optimus Prime
Eli had a much better time this year than last...WAY more into it...more than the other boys were at this age. That was fun to watch.

We are still looking for Luigi and keeping an eye out for Warrio and Waluigi...the arch enemies!  It was funny just how perfect this costume really was for Lee...he really pulled it off

Captain Hook
He had such a blast this year, he was running everywhere, saying thank you...really just all around cute.  I asked where Mr. Smee was and he pointed at his dad and said he was going to be Mr. Smee!  Poor Frank...when his kids need side-kicks he gets picked.  One year he was the Joker for Dru's Batman...and the whole time we were out trick or treating you could hear this small voice going "Joooookkkkkkkkeeeeerrrrr".  Pretty funny and I'm sure if you aren't laughing you had to be there, but probably like you had to be there for the 'doofusses'...aka two fish. 

Captain Jack Sparrow
Ian was SO excited and that doesn't even do justice to the level Ian was at this year.  He finally had a cool costume in his eyes and he loved every minute of it wearing it.  To be fair it was a pretty neat costume and he wears it well.  This is a good picture of him.

Last but not least, Optimus Prime!
(I know you have the sound of when they transform going on in your head...cause I do every time)
Dru was so excited to be this guy...he just that he was so cool this year!

Every year for awhile we have gone to see the Greats on Halloween so the kids can trick or treat and the Greats can see the costumes.  We all have so much fun and goodness sakes the Greats give them 2 BIG candy bars!! It's really fun for everyone

All in all it was a good year.  I have to say this year was one of the best years I can remember for Halloween.  I don't really like this holiday but I'm not big on any holidays to be honest.  Well, that's not true...if they did birthdays like they do Halloween or Christmas I'd be on board.  Anyway, I never got to celebrate Halloween so I find this particular one stressful, especially in some of the developments where there's a pack of 50 kids running around and running over kids and such and just the sheer lack of parents vs the ratio of literally stresses me out.  This year however, my debate of going or not, well I went and I'm glad I did.  We went much earlier this year than the last time I went and Eli is a bit bigger (last time big kids kept running Eli over and it was making me mad) and we left about the time it started getting hairy and the kids were out in swarms!
Eli really  made it fun this year and for that I'm thankful

Happy Halloween everyone!!

*We can now move on to the next stressful holiday, Thanksgiving...BUT not before we celebrate Eli's 3rd birthday...that's a whole post in of itself and be prepared...Eli will be getting his hair cut and you all are going to have to bear with me on this traumatizing event and the posts leading up to it


  1. Hah! Love it, great costumes. We just got back from our Church's party. We were working the Penny Toss game. Pirates and Nerds seemed to be a main theme this year.

  2. They are all so cute!
    WHY WHY WHY are you cutting his hair?

  3. LOL I promised Frank...and the threat of him growing his hair out long makes me want to gag...guys and long hair make me shiver!


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