Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carlos and Company

Meet Carlos a.k.a. Dru
I'm sorry Jamie if you are reading this but the situation really is just too funny to not share/tell.  My friend Jamie has 2 boys and each of them are about a year younger than Dru and Eli.  They have played with each other before so they knew one another at the pumpkin patch.  The young man younger than Dru is working on using people's names.  Today when he was playing with Dru and trying to get his attention he kept saying "hey you", so his momma said the little boys name was Dru.  He promptly told his mom that no his friend's name was Carlos.  I literally (OK not literally) died laughing! I haven't laughed this hard since talking to Dru about 'doofusses' which we all know now to be 'two fishes'.  So this young man has named Dru Carlos and we are going with it!  He looks like he could be a Carlos right? 

We thought so too.

This is Eli on a horse and cowboys go Yeehaw! His Grandma Lea would be proud of him...with a little help from Carlo's mom he got on the saddled horse correctly...he remembered!

Together Carlos and his friend Eli take a moment of much needed rest.

Together Carlos and Eli ride again into the sunset to herd the cattle.

Carlos made a stop at the corn pit...there are many things to do in this pit (besides bring it home in the nooks and crannies of your clothing!)

You can swim in the corn pit...just ask Eli, he did! I asked what he was doing and he said (while looking at me seriously) swimming to get to the other side...watching him walk in it was worth the giggle...pretty much took him out at the knees and he had a hard time we swam it...much like someone would the English Channel.

You can also jump in a trampoline says Carlos (SO sad it's not a jumpoline anymore...sniff-picture is blurry but man doesn't he look like he's having fun?)

Eli also gave it a try.  Pretty funny watching him get himself up and on top of the hay bale...worth every giggle at his expense!

Carlos going down the slide...I like this picture

Eli going around the maze...I crawled in after him...I need a new set of knees after that!  I was so thankful to finally make it back onto the hay!

Carlos and Eli ended their day at the pumpkin patch...they had so much fun and enjoyed every bit of it...even the animals...which will come in a later posts...the goats and pigs were cracking me up!
I hope you enjoyed the adventure of Carlos and company...
Until we meet again in another adventure!

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