Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yes...yes...genetics got the best of Lee last night.  Sadly, Lee did this to himself last night.

How you ask?  Well...he was getting into bed and on his way there he was getting his blanket.  While getting his blanket he lost his balance at managed to hit himself on an inch of the bed frame showing...truly not much was there but he managed to do it JUST right!  Poor kid...those genetics are gonna get the best of  one of them...my bets on Ian but Lee pulls some good ones now and again.


  1. Oooh! His first black eye? A proud day for any boy! ... Even if he did do it to himself. heh!

  2. Well John...no it's not his first...he's had several, I kinda feel bad. But it is his first in a LONG time so who knows...he wasn't so impressed but this is the same kid who stuck a pebble up his nose...so I've got nothing :)