Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seeing It Through

An opportunity presented itself this week and I jumped on it because I thought it was a great idea and something for my boys to learn and appreciate it.  The Sunday School my children participate in were collecting offering money to make Care Kits.  These kits include a towel, toothbrush, comb, clippers, and soap (later on they include toothpaste as we understand it).  The children collected $67! What an achievement!  They collected enough to make 20 kits, so 20 people adults or children will benefit from these kits made with love!

What I liked was that after collecting their offering money they were able to put together and make it, to see the project through as far as they could! What a way to get a hands on approach and make it real for them!
OK so Ian is in blue, Dru and Eli are in orange, and of course Lee is in green (cameo that is).  Here they are laying the towels out because we will pack the kits together in the towel like a present.

Eli putting a little more extra love and care into his package...laying the love in!  He really was thrilled to be there and doing something that the big kids were doing.

The kids going to get the next item (which was the comb) to put in their pile. And it was a race to see who could get there first AND who could get the said item in their favorite color if applicable.

I was helping Eli, his hands are clasped because we are blessing the comb that it might bless and help the person receiving it.

I believe we are blessing the clippers to bless the recipient in this picture.

Dru working on his care kit (the orange towels were gone before he could get to them...)!

Yes I do like supervising....bwahahahaha!

Eli and I getting our kit just right, done with lots of love and care! May it bless the person who gets it!

The children who helped put them together and the women who helped put it all together!  Great group of kids!
**Funny story.  When we came out for this picture we told the kids that the tall ones are in the back.  So Eli stomped his little self to the back and planted his little feet and gave the air and look of "I dare you to tell me I'm not tall!!" It was a pretty funny site to see. As you can tell he's been put up front...someone called his bluff or his dare and he lost.  Poor guy!

Praying over all the Care Kits...AMEN!
I'm proud of all those kids for the work and effort that went into it.  They started something and then finished it, totally hands on!

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  1. How sweet! It's good to give of time and talents too, not just money. Nice nice boys.