Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Field Trip

October seems to be a slow month for pictures, so I'm sharing some pictures of when Dru's preschool went to the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun and we got to go on a hayride!  I don't know why I like hayrides but I do.  This pumpkin farm though is always enticing me with food and it drives me nuts!!  Here's why...they only serve these things on the weekends!  I'm NEVER there on the weekends!  They have a donut machine and this year they had blooming apples.  Makes you want to go right?  Well I asked and it's an apple sliced open and drizzled with Carmel and whatever else...
Sigh...just sounds SO good right now!

Eli was so excited to be back again...he knew what to do and ran towards everything all at once.

Except THIS time they had the bubble table out.  If I were a kid (outside of the saw horses to ride) this was the coolest thing there!  Look at the concentration Eli has in blowing this bubble!! The wands are the coolest...I want a bubble table for at home!! If I didn't have to beat a kid down from a bubble wand I would have been there for bubbles!  What is so fun about watching bubbles float in the air?

Let's hope we don't see this a few years down the road!!!  No Paulsons' in jail!  It totally sounds like a total political campaign chant!

Not a great picture but my nephew's smile is precious!

Love my boy Dru...they go pumpkin picking he picks the biggest one that makes a hole in his bag.  He kept asking me to carry it for him...I refused!  He picked he can drag it around...ha!  I'd like to say that'll show him...but every year it's the same!
  At least Eli and my nephew had the decency to pick small ones! I was thankful for that when I carried all 3 while walking in the parking lot.
We had fun and I do love those field trips! 

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