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If you could go back to the day before you had children, what two pieces of advice would you give yourself?   This was really tough for me and then of course I kept forgetting to take pictures or write them down. 

" It is impossible to spoil a baby by holding them all the time"

I got so sick of hearing people telling me I hold my baby too much and how were they ever going to learn to sleep on their own and blah blah blah.  I'll have you know all 4 of my boys sleep in their own beds and the youngest one is working his way to sleeping by himself with out have me snuggle and rock him to bed!

Once or twice was all it took for me to 'get' this one.  My friend always told me this and I'm sure I've told every new mom I run into this one.  It is my cardinal rule (for my kids, however if it's your baby and I want to hold them it doesn't apply...KIDDING!  Sorta...)

"Never, EVER wake a sleeping baby!!!!!"

I don't care what mountains you have to move...DON'T wake that baby!  I have been known to move baby swings with sleeping baby in them so I could go to bed!

*There is no need to carry the car seat with the baby in it...
*Just because someone gives you advice and has years of parenting behind them, you do NOT have to take that advice as law.  It may not work for you, it may not be right for you or your family.  Advice is freely give it is also freely taken or not
*Sleep when the baby sleeps
*Nursing is a relationship, you gotta work at it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
*Ask for help, there is no shame in asking
*You will always panic when you sneeze because you don't know what to hold first (you know what I'm talking about ladies!)
*Being consistent as a parent is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do
*Be prepared to experience weird things: rocks up the nose and googly eyes up the nose
*Each kid has their own personality and each kid is different

Just a few more I thought of.  So, what would you tell yourself??


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