Saturday, April 30, 2011


I finally feel like I'm in a spot where I can post about this.  This journey starts a few years back and with a longer back story which we don't need to delve into.  And mostly this is for me, the more I talk and write the more cathartic it is for me.  About 6 years ago we almost lost my mom and that was scary.  This last Tuesday we almost lost her again to a version of what happened last time.  I got a call Tuesday night that she was being rushed to the ER and it didn't look good.  So I made a few phone calls, hopped in the shower and took off for my mom.  When we could finally see her it was 6 years ago all over again.  I swore then that I never wanted to see my mother like that ever  again and there I was.  Seeing her hooked up to a bunch of different things, a ton of IVs, and she was put out because she was intubated.  It wasn't pretty when we saw her, scary is an understatement.  However, a few hours later when I saw her again there was a huge and visible improvement in 6 or so hours!! She just kept improving and before you know it they knew what was wrong and are able to treat it.  Pneumonia...that's the big thing.  Amen for answered prayers because my mom will be going home tomorrow!!! 

I went up to see her today after Frank got off work.  I needed to see her not hooked up and 'sleeping', I just did.  I saw her and visited with her for a few hours, she's working on getting better and done with the Pneumonia stuff. This roller coaster has been tough...and that's just for me.  I can't imagine what my dad or mom felt or will be feeling as things settle down.

I do know many prayers were said and they were answered, and that may be all we need to know.
Thank you Lord!

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