Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Goodbye's

Sad to say but our time had to come to end, we can't stay there forever you know!  So we met up with my little brother and his niece and my nephew!  Can you see just how sad Samuel looks!  He just knew this was a goodbye! He is going miss his Auntie SO SO much!

It was so nice meeting up the next day after having him all day long.  He came right to me!!!  I am the COOLEST Auntie!  Whoopeee!!!!!
 We met Uncle David and the kids at the North Town Mall, to have a snack and visit before we took off for home.  The kids were wired before we got there (should have made them run laps around the mall, too bad the mall is at a busy intersections!).  Pictures I keep taking of Ian...well look! He's looking so much older, how can turning 9 do that???  He sure is a handsome boy!
 It almost looks like there's gonna be a confrontation...or a fist meeting a face.  I don't think they were fighting but playing some game.
 Look at those eyes!  I'm gonna miss him and he's going to miss me! 
We all did have a good visit and we enjoyed a small snack.  I'm glad we were able to go and spend some time up there visiting them.  I wish we could do it so much more than we are able to but it is what it is.  So until we meet again my dear nephew...remember Auntie loves you!


  1. Samuel missed you the minute you walked away!

  2. I know I missed him the minute I walked away!!!

  3. Love your blogs and your pics Anita.. I always read them. commenting has become a hassle with my computer so I just usually don't. but I love them!