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The Farm

The day we've all been looking forward to...THE FARM!!! Woohoo!  The boys have been waiting for some place to just run free.  My dream someday is to have some land for my boys to play on (I'm sure I'd still hear from Ian just how boring that is).  On that chunk of land of course would be my dream house (let's not forget that!). 

Well off we went to my friend Nikki's mom's house (that's a mouthful and I'm my own grandpa!), also known as, Grandma Lea's farm.  We got there in the late morning and spent almost all day there!  The bigger boys played outside for that except for meals. 

There is a back story here and I won't do it justice cause I was not fortuitous to take pictures of it. Grandma Lea's farm there is this 'puddle' but we'll call it a lake (to particular 4yr. olds it would appear that way).  Before we were at Grandma Lea's house, like a week or more, Grandpa got his 4-wheeler stuck in this 'puddle' and it was made deeper by the attempts to get it out.  Add all those things and all the rain we had before we got there, and you get Lake Williams.

So that's the back story or there abouts.  Now all the boys INCLUDING Dru were warned and spoken too by Grandpa.  Specifically don't go IN the puddle/lake!!  Under no circumstances were they to try and jump in it or other such hair brained ideas young boys come up with.  I think Grandpa was on to them before they got out of the car!  Well, Dru being who he is and getting by on his looks ( I jest...sort of...he is so darn cute and all) and such I don't think he thought Grandpa was talking to him particular.  So off Dru jump in the puddle! 

Much to Dru's extreme horror it was a tad deeper than he anticipated.  He was brought to me by one of the other boys, almost positive it wasn't by one of his brothers, cause that would be just pure silliness.  It was probably by his buddy Isaac (you know, the one he bawled his eyes out about not going to the park and playing with?).  Isaac has a heart, love that boy!  So there was Dru, soaked...soaked doesn't even describe it, but we'll used soaked.  Soaked from the chest down, he took his boots off and probably poured about a cup of water out of each boot.  It's cold outside, the water was cold and his unsympathetic mother was all set to make him play outside anyway.  Oh stop it!! I only brought one pair of extra clothing, and they were for after they were done playing!  Sigh...well, we took the wet clothes off and we washed and dried them, all the while he got in the other clothes I brought and sent him on his way.  Thankfully he learned his lesson and steered cleared of the puddle.  One really big circle!

In this picture I was still making Dru play in his extremely wet clothes...but hey he had his big shovey coat on!! (that's what he calls that coat...not sure where the shovey part came from).
 Chickens!!! They were the excitement (well so were the horses but we'll get to them later).  Eli and Samuel were so enthralled with them.  Pretty much followed them around the whole farm.
 Eli and Dru...yes Dru is still in his wet clothes (I promise I did put him in dry clothes...Grandma Lea and Auntie Nikki insisted! :)  )
 My boy Samuel (not really but nephew)...he was unsure of the whole thing at first but enjoyed himself as a whole I think.
 Eli and Samuel...'feeding' the horse.  Those necks can really stretch by the way if they want that food!
 Eli hunting for the chickens in the barn.
 Samuel waiting for his turn on the horse. I notice that his shirt said he loves his Grandma, I need to find him something that says he loves me best. Better yet I should just make him a shirt that says that.
 Grandma Lea and Grandpa decided they would get a horse out and let the kids take a jaunt around the arena.  The horses name is Pepper, an old horse who was more interested in eating that carting a bunch of littles around.  He'd done his time, well so he thought.  Pepper and Grandpa had some words over the eating part, not sure who won the conversation though.  The boys were excited to get to ride a horse again.

Here is Ian taking his ride, Grandpa led Pepper around the arena.
 It was Lee's turn!  I think Lee had fun.  During Lee's ride however Pepper decided he would stop and have a snack, Grandpa however said no.  Lee did really well through all that...Pepper kind of shimmied and stalled and Lee stayed calm through the whole thing.
 Then we get to Dru.  Look at this picture, it's hysterical!!!!  He's such a serious horseman! (he's in dry clothes by now). 
 Now the little guys!  Eli and Samuel shared a saddle and they did great!  Samuel did crack me up though, I put him on the saddle and he immediately went limp like a noodle.  I think they had a good time.
 They had such a good time they passed O-U-T!  They didn't sleep for long but it was a much needed respit.  We had dinner at Grandma Lea's and then off we went to take Samuel back to his parents.  So we met up at a Baskin and Robbins.  The owner of that store was WONDERFUL...cause we (not me mind you, the boys) were loud and running around.  Pretty much the boys acted like they had been couped up ALL day (forget we, again not me the boys, were at the farm all day running around looking for bugs in piles of poo).
We had a great day hanging out at Grandma Lea's farm and being outside!  It wasn't a half bad day either!  All in all really the weather wasn't bad, and I was appreciative of that.  I had a blast having my nephew for the day and so very thankful for the time I had with him.  Thankful that his parents allowed me to have him for so long!  It was a great little vacation to Spokane, I was sad to leave my nephew (oh and my brother and sister in law!).  But alas I had to go back to the regular program.  So tomorrow we say our goodbyes...I don't know when I'll see Samuel again.

I can't believe it's so late at night!  I hate it when time goes by soo fast I can't keep up!  Well nighty night folks...don't let the bed bugs bite!


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