Monday, April 11, 2011

Riverfront Park

So day one of our trip and we find ourselves at Riverfront Park.  It's kind of a cold day, nothing we shouldn't be used to already, but cold none the less.  We walk around the park and find the part with all the rides and the Imax theater.  Score!  On our way to that we found the goat that eats everything...I think it's a garbage can of sorts.  You turn it on and the air sucks things up, the kids loved it (Lee kept feeding it small sticks, wonder what that does for the diet?).  Here are the boys minus Eli.  Ian cracked me up the whole time he was with my friends' son.  Whatever he did (he's 12) Ian did.  So in this picture Ian is trying to look like his friend (they have known each other since they were babies, funny boys!)
 What's a walk in the park with out a look at the ducks/geese?  Might as well take a picture of it and document it!  Eli was quite taken with these guys...they were on a mission.  Word got out that someone down the river had bread and that's where the party was at.
 When we got done with our Imax show we met my sister in law and nephew at Zips. Yummy! I had a great sandwich there, but that's neither here or there.  I miss my nephew SO much (he keeps getting bigger when I'm not there!).  So we all had lunch (there's a lot of us) and we had a good time and the children inhaled their food (who said you had to taste your food?).
 Samuel and his momma was a good picture so I had to take one. That and this was his face after he kept trying to tell me what he wanted and I kept telling him I was taking orders.  This face was, PLEASE can I have the Triple bacon cheeseburger!!!! Please!  To which I said one needs to eat a burger that big and that's TOO much!  It's not good for you (yes you can imagine the crestfallen look on his face) but honestly...he's 9...he doesn't need to eat food like that!  Moderation people!! Just cause it's available does NOT mean it should be devoured!
 This picture has me chuckling EVERY time!  Samuel and Lee making some serious eye contact!!  This is MY town mister and we roll by MY rules!  I'm the center of attention here and if you have a problem with that...well...just you wait!
Pretty serious! 


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