Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When we went to Spokane awhile back, Grandma Lea asked Dru a question when we were there.

Grandma Lea: Dru. 
Dru: Yes
Grandma Lea: Are you doing T-ball this year?
Dru: Yes
Grandma Lea: Are you good at T-ball?
Dru: (after some thought) Almost!

He had us rolling! So here is Dru the night of  his first game! Such excitement!

Dru getting some practice in before the game.

Lefty at bat!!! Swing batter!

Gotta love the batting hat!

Love looking at this picture, such joy in running from one base to the next.  Playing the game!
It is so fun watching Dru play, he always has this huge grin on his face.  He also dances a bit...OK not a bit a lot.  Why I don't know.  Boredom?  Either way it's funny to watch, he's out there shaking what his momma gave him! GO DRU!


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