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I Have Needs

Good evening!  Just a quick post tonight because I've ran out of time and I seriously need to start getting to bed at a better hour.  Don't ask me why since school is out in less than 14 days...sorry if you heard that panic scream just now.  On top of all that the load of laundry I've been waiting on to get done just whistled it's little jaunty tune to tell me it's done.  Even thought it's a jaunty, happy tune I still hate doing laundry.  I think LG should come up with a new tone OR better yet let me upload wash tones or my own music...based off my moods relating to laundry.  I bet there would be a lot of Metallica and hard rock music on it.
Anyway, today has been crazy in a way.  Charlie decided to impersonate Houdini and run from our yard.  Shot out of the gate like a rocket...which he never does!  He has escaped before but from the backyard.  This time however he squeezed himself through a tiny hole when I opened our gate.  Thirty minutes later from jogging up and down a few streets just trying to keep eyes on him (and because we have the dumb dog) he runs up and down the middle of the street and I was afraid he would run right into the main road we are a block from.  Not a conversation I want to have with my kids when they got home from school.  Finally got him cornered down by where I work...lovely Charlie!  Ugh!  We have GOT to do something about keeping/kenneling him in the back yard at ALL times.  This is nuts and he's turning into such a cranky old dog!  Sheesh!
So chased after him, still managed to get a morning hike in, thankfully!  Tried to mow the lawn but got frustrated with that and stopped.  Not quite ready to be mowed again...maybe in a few days it will be that much drier and easier to mow...not any of this thick, wet clumping and stopping my mower business!
Sigh...after Charlie's jaunt and before mowing the lawn got a phone call about the Greats and that was/is a tad scary for all involved.  They are doing fine at the moment and that is good news!  Whew!
So what a day right? 
Or not
Anyway, I have a need to share with you my needed Awwww moment.  Today Eli had a Tball game and Lee jumped right in and wanted to help the coach out and Eli. So Lee was first base coach or helper for the majority of game.  He LOVED it!!  These moments or rare glimpses are what I wish everyone could see!  It is really hard sometimes for me to see past all his obnoxiousness and see who he truly is and I think a lot of people don't even get to see it and that makes me really sad.  This is who he really is, he loves little kids, always has.  He took such joy in helping and being there for Eli, being the big brother, and was bummed when I needed to pull him out, he wasn't impressed.   I need more of these moments with this kid!  I love him! At the same time I want to hug the stuffing outta him! BOYS!

I'm sure if you are FB and are friends with me, that you've seen this picture before.  It still cracks me up and makes me laugh.  I have some really weird dogs...starting with Charlie!  That dog has OCD I'm certain of it and is a squirrel chaser at heart and they are all around and taunt the poor dog.  Running along the fence line, hanging out in the trees that hang over our property...just out of his reach.  I'm convinced they do this on purpose and I'm convinced when they get cocky and bold he's on it and kills them.  We've stumbled on a dead squirrel or 2 since we've had him.  Guess he showed them.

Anyway, off to bed.  The load of laundry I've been waiting for to get done is finally done.  I can now switch them and head to bed!  Clean underwear for ALL!



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