Monday, June 23, 2014

Minions Assemble!

Well it would seem that I am a broken record and forgot all about these pictures that were taken last November!  Sigh...
I knew there were more pictures of Eli for his birthday, ok well it felt all wrong when I only came across like 5 of them. 
Anyway, for Eli's birthday I had some wonderful friends come and help me make this cake happen for Eli.  Grandma of course furnished the cake for this endeavor and then my wonderful baker friends came and helped.
 Although his enthusiasm doesn't quite show here he really was excited for this cake, as we all were in having purple teeth, tongue, and everything in between!  For the record, because it needs to be stated, it has been 7 months since his birthday and he has already changed so much! Wow!
 I know some of it looks blue but I promise it was all purple...gotta love it when the pictures does this.
 Pretty sure Mighty is my dog but there are times even I question where Mighty's loyalty lies...whoever gives him cake is where!
(and look!  Minions everywhere!)
 EPIC!  This movie stars his dog Mighty, who plays a Pug with 3 legs...can we say award worthy?
Eli still believes Mighty gets around and does all these things while he's busy, so here in this house Mighty is pretty famous!
 The Bat Signal! 
Our gift to Eli...he loves to play Batman and have Mighty be Robin...he's game as long as there is some treat involved!

I'm glad I came across these, it was good to remember!


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