Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh No

I'm sure you all have had a time where you've had to tell your kids to clean and do their chores...and if you haven't yet, well you haven't lived then.  It's the joy in my life to tell my kids every day to do their chores and to do this dance we do every day.  They say their bit and then I say my know...the lines that sound like, "Because I said so"...

Sigh...well so goes my life every day, sometimes I switch it up and whine at them and scream and yell at the top of my lungs and go in my room and slam the door an scream and yell from behind the door  I even threaten to no longer make meals for them,  It phases some of the boy and others not so much.  The ones who are peckish it doesn't phase then so much.  I will say they do try...not whole-heartily though.

So in an effort to show the boys WHY we clean...because trust me I don't do it for fun.  They think I do but little do they know I could find SO many more ways to enjoy my time.  I clean because we have to and it needs to be done. Anyway, we were all sitting and watching TV when the show Hoarders comes on. Frank just flew by it and I told him to turn it back so I could show them.  It's sorta going well and I keep pointing and saying "See, THAT'S why we clean...that's why!".  We continue to watch the show and there is a part when someone pulls out a random chair and says why do you have this.  I point out again , why we clean because we don't need more chairs than we have a need for.  God bless my kids, Dru pipes up and says well if we had that chair we'd use it!  What if we need the chair mom?  I could have cried!  I looked at Dru and said SON!  No we can't keep the chair we don't !

After they were sent to bed I looked at Frank and said I'm a little scared about Dru and our kids, lol.  When in 25 years we have to have a conversation with Dru , we'll have already been warned by this moment.  "But what if we need this??".  Man oh Man!  Frank and I have been warned, just so you all know...a precursor, LOL!  I have chuckled over this a few times. 

As it was I don't think my experiment of showing the kids why or a reason why we clean worked.  Rather I think I showed them how to be hoarders...because they might need something so don't throw it away.

My life I tell you! 

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