Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Ok, so it's late and I'm being insanely lazy...and I'm tired. 
On that note I want to share with you the hike we took a few weekends ago with Nikki and her boys.  We drug them all up mountain...pretty sure Ian thought I was killing him.  Proud he got to the top and the bottom but the drama from his has got to stop!  It's insane! 
In no particular order:
Here we are at the top of the hike looking down on Rattlesnake Lake.  We are very high up, in my opinion.  But what a view!

 Train head.  As you can see we did the ledge but you can go much further than that. Which I think would be fun right up until I see someone hiking down from those with insanely huge backpacks  Then I think...nah! I'm good with our little hike!
 Partner in crime!  We have made plans to do a few new and old hikes this summer.  With kids and with out!  I'm looking forward to some with out the kids...I do not have to listen to them whine and cry and .....take your pick of it all!
Another shot from up top! It really was beautiful!
If memory serves me this is the direction of Mt. Si.  Which is also on our list of hikes to do with out kids! 
 This little guy had everyone in a tizzy up'd think we had all seen a chipmunk before!  We were all fawning all over this guy.  Pretty funny!
 Nothing exciting, but at the top you can see I-90.
 Our pictures after lunch, now the hike down.  Which of course is much faster down and more nerve wracking!
 On our hike we came across this.  Pretty sure someone just brought this rose up there and left it but I really thought it was very pretty and a little out of place.  Still beautiful.
 Family shot! Everyone is alive...pretty sure they all doubted the outcome.
 We literally stumbled on this Woodpecker on our way to the car.  It was fun to watch but Dru scared him away so we didn't' get to hear him peck away at the tree, very sad!
 A quick shot of the boys by Rattlesnake Lake before taking off for the car.  I was proud of them all, mostly Ian though, for doing the hike.  We gotta work on their attitudes but we'll get there!

Alright I have to get myself to does the time go so fast!  Last I looked it was 10:30 and now it's well after midnight!  Ugh!  I have seven hours of sleep and I must get them!  We will be walking to VBS tomorrow and I may just walk myself home and take a nap and wake up and walk to get the boys...I'm deprived of sleep the last few days...and a quiet nap sounds divine!

Have a good rest of the day !

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