Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amazingly Enough, Santa Came!!!

As I mentioned before it was touch and go whether or not Santa would make it to the Paulson household. Sure enough, he did! Lucky little boys!

Here is our tree...I have to keep reminding myself it looks like this cause we have 4 boys and the living room is well, you can see. This is overwhelming to me... Dru's gift from Santa...Buzz was the theme this year. I think Santa pulled it off quite well.
Eli's gift from Santa...a smaller theme but one none the less.
Lee's gift from Santa...more on this story later...*eye rolling* . Just know there is always one kid out there that's difficult.
Last but not least...Ian. Who felt like he made out like a bandit! He got a Nerf gun from Santa just like his buddy Lane has...something...something Long shot...just go with it! And more darts than one little boy could dream of...OK not really but in moderation right?
And wouldn't you know it...Charlie even made it on Santa's list! Who knew!?! He was in doggie heaven! More pictures on that later!

OK, well now that I've been up for longer than I'd like...I'm going to head off to bed and I'll try and pick up on Christmas day...I think that one will be a two parter or it could just be a picture dump. I am undecided.