Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another project I'm doing another project or photo challenge really.  This time it's me who picked the words and I'm having fun (up until I stump myself that is).  So the deal with the photo challenge is that someone (me) chooses a  word and then we spend the day figuring out what that word means to us that day and we take a picture of it (really we discourage file pics...unless of course you are in dire need...and those days do happen). 
For example, today's word was 'Supplies' and what did the word supplies mean to me today.

Well, I had a few things going on in my head that it could mean.  First I went with taking a picture of this.  My supplies for making blackberry pie filling and canning it.  But I wasn't thrilled with the picture and it really didn't speak to me.
I also knew though that I would be school supply shopping today and that speaks to me too!  I actually went with this picture as my pick.  It was a better picture I thought.  To be very honest it 'supplies' me with such excitement for the next 9 months!  Whoopiee!!
On that note, I will give you advice.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to shop for's not worth it!! I went to 3 different stores to just get what was on their lists!  Two stores were O-U-T of pencils and erasers...REALLY!?! Whatever!  One store however was taking their school supplies OFF the  shelves to make room for Halloween stuff...honest to Pete that's annoying!  Of course the last store has what I'm looking for but I literally took the last of 2 types of erasers and the pencils...well they had about 3 boxes left of the big pack of them.  It's still boggling my mind hours later! By the end of it Lee was hassling me about the damn erasers by saying who needs more erasers when the stupid (his words NOT mine) have erasers on them!! 
Now I ask you, would it have been bad if I turned around and popped him?  Cause I might have, smart-mouth kid!  To be fair though...I laughed and told him he was smart-mouthed and then said he was right...up to a point of course!

I tell you sometimes I think those teachers have us going a mile a minute!
Another funny moment happened at the school was the day where you get to see your classrooms and meet your teacher and drop your school supplies off (way last minute on the supplies I know).  Anyway, as I'm walking around the school with Ian and Lee and looking for faces I know and they know I had to laugh.  All around I saw parents with big, huge smiles on their faces, milling about and catching up.  The children, however, (wonder how man times I've used that word today?) all were gloomy and had pouty faces on (a few didn't).  It was down right hysterical!! The parents were totally excited and the kids were dragging their feet...comical.

PS...not counting weekends there are 3 more days until school starts!

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  1. You are SO ready for school and I'm dreading it!