Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today we went to the zoo in Seattle.  Woodland Park Zoo...the big one!  There are 2, Pt. Defiance and Woodland.  I like both, but Woodland is much, much bigger. 
The grandparents wanted to take everyone to the zoo for one last hurrah before school starts and for the Dinosaur exhibit there.  It was very nice of them to take us all and I'm thankful for it.  It had been a long time since we'd last been.  As a matter of fact the last time we went was for Ian and Lee's turned 2 and the other 4.  They are now 9 and almost awhile! 
Eli was SO excited and we went to celebrate Dru's birthday (since we had a surprise party for Grandpa Great and the zoo sounded wonderful!)

Here at the bug exhibit we saw some wonderfully colorful things, like these beetles.

Flamingos...just boggles my mind they get pink from eating shrimp.  Never fails to amaze me!

Here I am, waiting for my lunch.  Don't get me wrong I was having was hot!  (plus it's hard to get a good shot of yourself when you are taking your own picture)

Who doesn't love Elephants???
I call him Lumpy!

Komodo Dragon...a bit scary but very cool!

Very colorful bird
(the bird house is a fun idea...however, that many birds and that many people under them...DISASTER!  I couldn't get out of there fast enough...makes me shiver thinking about it now!  The kids however did get to feed the birds...yeah them!  For the most part people came out with out a gift or two from the birds...if you catch my drift...

Majestic.  I don't know any other way to describe eagles...

Sleeping Tiger.......

Crouching Dragon...
Kidding! I thought it was funny
We had a lot of fun and we did Dru's birthday after we walked the zoo, we went to a park that was in between the parking lot we parked in and where the other family members parked in.  Dru got lots of fun toys...the big hit was a sheriff hat and a cap gun!  Very cool!  He also got to spend some birthday money from Oma and Grandpa and bought a dinosaur toy and some candy!  Thank you Oma and Grandpa!

It was a good day and I'm glad we were able to go!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and will sit and enjoy the last day of the weekend tomorrow!  I plan on doing NOTHING....OK well some dishes and laundry...maybe take a walk but that would be for me...and maybe a are endless (sorta).

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