Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Moment

So before I go to bed I check on the boys and the dogs. I went in and check on Dru and Eli and when I went in there they were spooning! OH it was so precious (now anyway)! Eli must have really needed to cuddle for him to get in bed with Dru.  Especially since Dru is asleep about 30 minutes before Eli gets to bed.  Eli was desperate!
I ran back to get my camera and Dru had moved but I still took the picture anyway...it was a moment that made me breath and take it all in.  It's moments like that, that make the day OK.  Makes the incessant whining and crying all fade away (until tomorrow that is, but let's savor this moment).

It was a moment in time and I was thankful for it

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  1. *Tear* The relationship between brothers is so precious. Love this post!