Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Cake!!!

Today was a rough day for Dru.  His big brothers were not kind to him one bit and it was a constant pick...pick...pick on Dru.  I felt so bad for him and seriously wanted to throttle the other 2!  What gives.  It was bad enough for Dru to have a good 15-20 minute conversations with his Oma about his brothers actions today.  One of those wonderful mommy of the year award moments.

However, if you ask Dru if he had a good birthday he'll tell you he did, so I guess that's what matters...right!?!

He really wanted to help make his cake today...and we've done that in the past...thankfully daddy came to the rescue on that one, or I would have had to take the title of Captain Kill-joy yet again!  Yeah daddy!  Dru is putting those cake candies on his cake...

Gotta love the randomness of how he decorates his cake...lets get as much crap on there as we can and see what mom says...before she notices of course!

And here we all are for dinner...Dru said pizza would be fine for his birthday dinner as long as he could have bread sticks...he's so easy right now!

The finished cake product!  Chocolate cake and frosting, with candy and of course lots of sprinkles!! (it was tasty and Dur did a good job helping make the cake...almost makes up for all the egg whites I found all over everything...don't ask...I try not too!)
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Dear Dru... video

The Birthday Boy...he's now old enough, he fits one whole hand!!!

I can't believe how fast time has gone...this doesn't get any easier the more kids you have...I find it's getting harder.

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