Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was the first day of SCHOOL!!! Yippeee!!! 

I know there are many who aren't nearly as excited as I am, but I am SO ready for my routine to be back...I'm almost desperate if I'm being honest.  I want to figure out when my work out will be, when I will do my chores, get the kids off to school and preschool.  I want people to be where they are suppose to be...HA!

Here is my nephew Austin!  I can't believe how much he's grown since preschool...the year he and Lee went together. Time is going by fast!  Now he's in 1st grade!!!

I'm pretty sure he's grown but I can't confirm it!  Lee is in 2nd grade this year and has a male teacher which I'm totally excited about!  We've been blessed with Lee teacher wise in school...he's had good ones every year!  Here's to another good, stretching, outta the box kinda year with Lee!  FYI...day one of the alarm clock going off at 6:45am, has worked.  It was comical watching Ian and Lee looking bleary-eyed this morning trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  But I'm mean like that!

My 4th grader!  Who insisted on being a dork this morning and so that's why his picture is...well dorky!  However, he was terribly excited to be starting 4th grade...I still have my reservations about the new teacher and his class.  It's a 3rd/4th split class...but it was that class or another split class or one class with 2 different teachers.  Neither were great options but the class he's in was the lesser of evils.  I am praying for a good year for Ian, he's had one good year and that was 2nd grade, it's been too long!

The big boys all together before we head out to the bus stop!

The Little's...OK well not really except Eli (who I think has grown recently).  Dru and Colton have their preschool orientation tomorrow and there's quite a bit of excitement for these two!  Whatever will Eli and I do with 2+ hours to ourselves???
 I have a feeling someone will be quite lost in the morning for 3 days a week.

Happy first day of school everyone!  My day was still hectic and will be until the 2 other boys go to school and MOPS starts.  But until then I will be striving for that routine!

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